Youth Drives Future of Cattle Industry


Despite the hard times hitting feed lots around the country, events like the Nebraska Cattleman's Classic seem to prove otherwise.

Judging by Sunday's junior show at the Cattleman's Classic, the cattle industry seems to be thriving. These youngsters prove their willingness to learn about the industry and in agriculture as a whole by wanting to be here.

It's a livelihood they want for themselves to carry on the business of the family farm.

"There's tremendous enthusiasm for a future in the beef industry," said event Manager Ronette Heinrich. "Lots of juniors are excited to purchase their own heifers, start their own cow herds, and it's very obvious by the enthusiasm, it truly shows the Cattleman's Classic is a family event."

"Since they've been around it so long it's like they want to do it more and they feel like that that's what they're supposed to do it kind of," said junior showman Lauren Trauernicht. "So they feel like they're more wanting to do it, than if it wasn't a family farm, the more willing-ish kind of thing."

Lauren says the future generation is coming and predicts the cattle business will thrive eventually because of all the people in the cattle business.