YRTC: Campus Safety


Assaults on staff at the Kearney Youth Rehabilitation Treatment Center are reported each year, and when those reports make headlines, many community members wonder just how dangerous this place is.

YRTC Youth Security Supervisor Robert Scott says he's been assaulted four or five times.

"As the violence increased it became hard to go some days because you just knew that you were going to be in for a fight," adds a former staff member.

However, the facility may not be what you originally expected. Even with its reputation and the threat of violence, several staff members say they feel safe.

"We all watch out for each other," said Scott.YRTC Youth Counselor Harders adds, "I'm less than 30 seconds away from having 10 people come through the door and going 'what's going on here?'" Others say there are a lot of safeguards to help.

Kenneth Robinson, YRTC religious coordinator, says the staff is there to make a difference. "Until you've worked in this place, you are not going to understand," he adds.

Even after being attacked, many workers say the kids are great and the facility is making a difference.

"I believe in the program and what we are trying to do here," explained Scott when asked why he continues to go back after being attacked multiple times.

Tune in to NTV News next Thursday to hear from some of the youth currently in the facility for part three of this series.