Zig Zag Patterns for Your New Decor


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Zig Zag Patterns!
How do I use them in your home? Zigzag patterns are everywhere... from shoes and stationery to toss pillows, accent chairs and area rugs. Also known as a chevron, this bold, hip pattern has a modern quality --with bright, high-contrast colors making it even bolder! So are zigzags a trend? Yes… and no. The jagged line is certainly one of the hottest looks of the day, but it boasts an impressive history.

The chevron appeared as early as 1800 BC on pottery paintings and rock carvings. It was used for heraldry patterns in the Middle Ages, and later for an embroidery pattern known as the flame stitch. Zigzag patterns also appear in traditional Middle eastern textiles, such as ikat. In the late 19th century, pinking shears appeared; a scissor that created a zigzag line to avoid fraying. In the 20th century, the chevron was made popular by apparel designer Missoni and ric-rac trim in the 1970s, after which the pattern fell out of favor… until now!Favoring crisper, bright-colored zigs and zags, today's interpretations of the chevron pattern are bolder than anything we saw in the past.

They make a big design statement… so need to be handled with care. But if you want in on this fun trend, here's how to bring it home!

• Use it sparingly. It's busy, especially in a large scale. A toss pillow, bed spread or accent chair is usually enough!
• Go easy on other patterned accessories, so you don't end up with a look of chaos! If you want to mix in other patterns, pair zigzags with dots, with a very modern, stylized floral print, or with another chevron pattern in a much smaller (or larger) scale.
• Repeat the colors in your zigzag pattern elsewhere in the room.It'll tone down the power of the pattern.
• Pair zigzags with solid colors… they'll create a backdrop for this bold pattern; making it look like a piece of art.