Zombie Shoot Continues to Grow, Attract Hundreds


The pandemic is spreading near Grand Island, where a shooting event is drawing hundreds to the area this weekend.

In only it's third year, Zombies in the Heartland has attracted more than 500 competitors and spectators to the area.

Organizers said shooters from 18 different states sold out the event in just days.

They said, unless the 15 range course is expanded, they'll likely have to put a cap on registration in the near future.

"This year we'll have over 450 [shooters], so it's our biggest year yet. The zombie craze has not gone away," said Col. Tom Brewer, match director.

Brewer said nearly all shooters who competed in past years have returned. The event is also attracting new competitors like Lexington-native Derek Evans.

"Great place to come out here and watch pros and be among them and shoot with them. They've got pretty cool different side stages with the sonic boom, the long range rifles and all the autos; so it's really fun," said Evans, who now lives in Mission, Kansas.

You can still catch the action Sunday at the Heartland Public Shooting Park. All you need is eye and ear protection to watch.