Dietitians share their tips for National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month (NTV News)

March is National Nutrition Month and we heard from a famous nutritionist who told us some things you might want to avoid.

"There are still a lot of diet foods out there that still just have empty calories in them. They might be fat free and they might be low-cal but they are really not doing anything for you. Things like rice cakes, fat-free chips. So, stick to the healthy stuff and you'll be doing much better for yourself,” said Nutritionist and Best Selling Author, Frances Largeman-Roth.

Hy-Vee Dietitian Tara Neighbors says common mistakes people make when trying to eat healthy and lose weight people are quick to cut out all their favorite things.

“It’s always about portion size. Trying to keep your portion size healthy and having the little things you like won’t have you feeling deprived,” said Tara Neighbors. Hy-Vee Dietitian.

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