Getting the recommended amount of water


Eight glasses, or 64 ounces, of water a day is the general rule of thumb. That may sound like an over whelming amount, but that is just three to four water bottles.

Those looking for a more specific measurement for their body can follow a simple formula.

"If someone wants to be a little more accurate take your body weight and cut it in half," said CHI Good Samaritan Wellness Center supervisor, Dan Kennedy. "That's generally a good recommendation for even more hydration, a little more specific hydration. So, if you're 200 pounds, cut it by two, 100 ounces would probably be closer."

If you are working up a sweat, that number is going to have to increase even more.

"So, if we're outside and it's really hot, we're going to be sweating a lot more, expelling a lot more water so you're going to have to replace that a little bit," said Kennedy. "What I generally say is about 20 ounces per hour outside. So, three hours would be another maybe 60 ounces throughout the day, so quite a bit"

If you are indulging in alcohol, you'll have to bump up your ounces even more.

Now, this may sound like a lot but experts say there's many health benefits to staying hydrated.

"Your metabolism runs a lot better, your brain functions a lot better, you skin is hydrated, you don't have as many issues even with aging," said Kennedy. "Beyond that, just overall body performance. Your organs run better, your digestion is better. It is the number one thing you can take care of that's going to improve your health from day one."

If you are wanting these benefits, but struggling to get those ounces, does artificially flavored water count?

"Yeah it still counts towards your water," said Kennedy. "A lot of people have trouble drinking just water plain, I don't, I think water is just fine but it's kind of a catch 22 just because the science out there with potential risk of cancer with the additives. It's something, if you feel strongly about kind of keep away from it if you don't, go ahead and at least keep hydrated."

A great way to mix up your water routine without adding anything artificial, consider using sluices of real fruit or even herbs to your water bottles.

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