Outdoor Files

Morning Outdoor Files, March 28. (NTV News)

"When oak leaves resemble a mouse’s ear be on the watch for morels to appear. That’s just one little tip about morel mushrooms.

Other ‘be on the watch’ tips include: Soil temperatures at 50 degrees or better. Several nights of temperatures around 50. Warm sunny days after rainfall. While morels can pop up anywhere, the vicinity of dead and fallen trees can be fruitful. Many hunters like to focus around elm, ash, poplar, cottonwood and sycamore. Don’t overlook old groves of apple trees. Loamy soil, well drained yet moist can be productive. Early in the spring, definitely favor warmer southward and westward facing slopes. Some hunters say that burnt areas are worth searching. Always get landowner permission. One negative to morel hunting are ticks. Dress appropriately and use recommended sprays to help deter them. If you’re a morel beginner, its good to go with a veteran shroomer. You don’t want to pick poisonous mushrooms. There is a fungus nicknamed the false morel. The false morel won’t be hollow inside. The true morels are hollow inside from the tip of the cap to the bottom of the stem. On the outside morels are fairly uniform with ridges and inward pits. If you find a few dozen, uh, invite me over.

Work continues toward increasing pheasant numbers in Nebraska. This spring, birds in parts of seven counties will be captured, leg banded and radio collared. The study is primarily focused on breeding behavior, nesting and habitat use. 3 years of this science is being done in Custer, Logan, Lincoln, Valley, Greeley, Sherman and Howard counties.

These quick calendar notes: Weather cooperating, show up at Ash Hollow State Historical Park just west of Lake McConaughy this Friday evening at 7 PM mountain time for some stargazing. An astronomer and telescope will be available. Dress warm, bring a chair, limited refreshents will be provided. At Mahoney State Park this weekend, attend the Platte River Art Show. Reputable artists from a multi state region will display and sell works in a variety of mediums. The events are free but you’ll need a daily or annual pass for either park.

Until next time I’m Ralph Wall reminding you time outdoors is time well spent."

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