About 100,000 pounds of goods taken to Hurricane Harvey victims

Bertrand Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims Photo: Virginia Kipp

BERTRAND, Neb. — The Bertrand community is donating items to Hurricane Harvey victims.

"If you could imagine people have asked what do you need donated. I said well basically anything you use on a daily basis is what they need right now," said Scott Ford, who is a volunteer with the hurricane relief.

All hands were on deck to pitch in and help pack up.

"I'm hearing stories down there where people's houses were completely submerged. Obviously they're having to go in there and determine what's good and what's usable," said Ford.

The group asked people to donate all types of items.

"Diapers, food products, bug repellent, cleaning supply household goods," Kamie Ackerman said who volunteered.

For Andrew Nation, it hit home for him to think about the people suffering in Texas.

"Just can't even imagine what they are going through. We have issues around here, small things. You can't imagine how flooding would be. I wouldn't even want to know the destruction that would cause," Nation said.

Through all the devastation, there is one message they want those suffering to know.

"We stand with you and we just want to be here to support you to get back on your feet," said Ford.

About ten people are going to Texas Saturday morning.

The group is partnering with the All American Beef Battalion who is currently in Texas and has cooked, about 10,000 burgers for the hurricane victims.

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