Cleaning and archives at the Frank Museum

Depending on the shape and structure of the piece. It could take a little extra work to get it clean.

Samantha Rohmiller is a volunteer at the G.W. Frank Museum of History and Culture.

Step-by-step, she went through the cleaning process of some of the museums silver pieces.

"We have some chalk that we mix with some distilled water that will make the mixture that will then use to wipe off all the tarnish off the silver pieces," said Rohmiller.

She says some days she spends hours working to get as much tarnish off the silver.

"It has a darker color you want to remove as much as possible. So, even as much as going inside and getting as much as possible can be difficult because it's hard to reach some places, but anything that is exposed to oxygen is going to see some tarnish."

Depending on the shape and structure of the piece. It could take a little extra work to get it clean.

Right after the cleaning process, the silver is ready for Frank House visitors to see.

"They're absolutely ready for people to look at right away, and what we've started doing is on the first level any time that were not open for hours for people to visit, we have them covered with tarnishing bags that help to keep them from tarnishing because they can any time their exposed to the oxygen they'll just keep to tarnish. So, having them covered with the bags it helps to expel all that tarnish and help to slow that process down."

Samantha also went into detail about some of the pieces that mark back to the 70's.

"These are pieces that have been in our database years and years. Some are from all the way back to the 70's, and then we have recent pieces that have also been donated that are kind of in the processing stage of going into the system, but they all come from donations of people here in the community."

She also goes through each box of clothing to take a photo and document things like its description, condition and measurements.

"As you guys saw they are in boxes now that are all labeled, so it's very easy reference even in the system theirs a location tag even within the system so that you can quickly just see what rack it's on and what box it's in and it makes it very easy and simple to get to them."

Aside from working hard to get the job done, Samantha says she really enjoys it.

"I like looking at all of the clothes, especially with my recent senior project that I did which focused on the historic preservation. So, it's really interesting to see different clothing period pieces. I think that's the most fascinating to me."

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