Cupcake Decorating Tips


Tips for cupcake decorating:

1. Gather a few basic
supplies. You'll need some quart size freezer bags or purchased icing
decorator bags, some icing decorating tips, and frosting. Other items
that come in handy include food coloring, sanding sugar or decorator sugar,
candies or non-perils, and perhaps a rolling pin if you are working with
fondant or chewable candies that you'll be shaping into decorations.

2. To achieve the traditional
cupcake topped with a pretty frosting swirl, place an extra-large star tip
(such as a Wilton 1M decorator tip) in your decorator bag (or freezer
bag). Squeeze the bag with steady, firm pressure, and pipe frosting in a
circle, starting from the outside and work your way into the center, filling
the center if any gap remains. End your swirl by releasing pressure and
pulling straight up. Decorate with sprinkles or sugar, or, if using white
frosting, airbrush your creation with spray-on color.

3. For a more cloud-like effect
(and to achieve a similar look with fewer tools), fill a quart size freezer bag
with the frosting of your choice. Cut a generous corner from the bag to
create your decorator tip. Swirl frosting in a circle as described above,
or begin in the center and squeeze and hold to make one large fluffy
mound. Mounding works best with a whipped cream textured frosting.

4. Consider decorating your
cupcake upside down. Use a doily or a piece of parchment paper cut into a
pretty shape with scissors to place your upside down cupcake on. Spoon
chocolate ganash or other thick topping over the top of the cupcake and garnish
with a small star of frosting on top or other decoration. Or cover your
upside down cake with rolled fondant to create a smooth canvas for more

5. For a smooth frosting look
(no spatula marks), microwave a can of store bought frosting. Place
frosting in a microwave-safe container and color as you like with food
coloring. Heat the frosting in five-second increments, stirring in
between, until the frosting reaches the consistency of lightly whipped
cream. Dip the top of your cupcake into the melted frosting and allow the
excess to drip off before turning it right side up. Allow frosting to dry
to the touch and continue to decorate as you like.

6. Chewable candies can be
fashioned into fun decorations! Tootsie rolls, starbursts, fruit roll-ups
and other type of candies can be rolled flat and cut into various shapes to achieve
looks that are fun and edible!