Spam Musubi



  • 1 can Spam

  • 3 cups
    uncooked sushi rice/white rice

  • Soy sauce

  • Sugar

  • Nori (dried
    seaweed) sheets

  • A

  • Furikake

Slice the Spam into eight
even pieces--or ten if you prefer.

Next, mix your preferred amounts of soy sauce
and sugar in a bowl.

Place a sauté pan on a burner, turn up the
heat, lay the slices of
Spam down, and fry away.

After 1 to 2 minutes, pour the soy sauce–sugar mix over the Spam (or you can wait
to just put scoops of the sauce over the rice).

Lay out other ingredients for quick assembly.

Once the Spam is done, transfer to a plate.

Cut the
nori strips in half lengthwise and lay the
Musubi maker on the middle of the

Use the rice paddle to scoop a generous mound of rice into the mold.

Use the
musubi-maker handle to press down on the rice.

Shake a thin layer of furikake (optional) over the rice and lay a slice of Spam on

Quickly wrap the nori around the rice.