GI Couple Charging for Parking Spots Close to State Fair, Hope to Put Money Towards Wedding Day


You'd probably be hard pressed to find a link between parking lots and wedding days, but we've found one as one Grand Island couple is offering up parking spots at their home during the Nebraska State Fair as a way to raise money for their special day.

Though parking spots are free and plentiful for fairgoers, one young couple thought their location close to the fairgrounds might be worth some money to those hoping to spend a day at the fair.

Tyler and Kylee are charging $10 a car and hoping the extra cash will make planning their special day a little bit easier.

"We have a lot of wedding expenses so our neighbor toldus about it we thought it would be great," said Kylee Evans of the idea to sell parking. "We live across the street so ifpeople have general admission tickets they can walk 50 feet away."

And while the pair may not be able to fund their entire wedding with parking dollars, they say any little bit helps.