Little Jump in Criminal Activity during Nebraska State Fair


Another Nebraska State Fair has come and gone, leaving folks to wonder if it left behind an increase in criminal activity.

Normally a large increase of people in one area for an event will bump up the amount of crimes in the area as well, but that wasn't the case for Grand Island.

This year's fair season was another relatively quiet year for Grand Island PD, and beefed up officer man power is likely a contributing factor for the results.

"That kind of has a tendency to curb the criminal activity, when you have a lot of officers. Grand Island PD was working outside of the fairgrounds and the Nebraska State Patrol did a great job of working the fairgrounds itself. They increased their numbers there as well," says GIPD Captain. Robert Falldorf.

Heavier traffic to the area did however increase the number of traffic stops and fender benders in the area which Falldorf says is a common trend to see.