Mel Tillis Encore at State Fair

Wednesday August 28th was "OlderNebraskans Day," at the Nebraska State Fair, and the fair brought back aperformer who nearly caused a riot among seniors back in 2010.

The unloading zone was well staffedtoday as bus after bus brought seniors to the fair, and many came to see MelTillis.

It was 2010 when thousands were turnedaway from the Mel Tillis show and that's why each year since the fair hasfeatured two concerts.

Robert Penn and Mark Ring were amongthousands at the Nebraska state fair... showing up for a quieter fair day. Ringsaid "We came on the bank bus, we didn't have to drive or anything." Groups around the state including banks and homes brought seniors on busses to the fair.

Chelsey Jungck, is the Events Directorfor the State Fair, she said "The day is called older Nebraskans day, it'sa huge success."