Wade Shows to Bring New Rides, Attractions to Nebraska State Fair


Wade Shows will be bringing new rides and attractions to the 2013 Nebraska State Fair, much to the excitement of many fairgoers.

"We are going to be bringing some really unique rides to the fair", said show owner Frank Zaitshik. "Some of our rides are one of a kind attractions and Grand Island will be the only place most people will have the opportunity to experience these amusement rides."

In addition to several large attractions, there will also be plenty of rides the whole family can enjoy together. "Lil' Pardner Land", the company's kiddie area, will feature dozens of attractions the whole family will enjoy.

"We want to have attractions where Mom and Dad can ride along with the kids on our midways" said Zaitshik.

In addition to all the great rides and attractions, guests will notice improvements in the amenities that are offered along the midway. "We try to make our carnival midway as close to what you would find at an amusement park as possible," Zaitshik stated.

The midway at the Nebraska State Fair will feature expanded seating areas with shading and comfort zones in 2013. Colorful ride height signs; banners, canvas and flags will reach as far as the eye can see, giving the midway a uniform look.

All employees will be dressed in uniforms and present a professional appearance. The midway will also have Photo Opportunity Areas where guests can have their picture taken in set pieces provided by Wade Shows and the Nebraska State Fair.

"I think Nebraska State Fair guests will see some big changes this year", said Zaitshik. "We are working very hard to bring the best the industry has to offer to Grand Island. Between the new rides and attractions and all the midway improvements, I think the midway will rival that of any of the top fairs in the U.S."

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