Sunday Salute: Adam Dack


    This week we honor Adam Dack, a 13 year National Guard Member who has been deployed four time -- to Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and to Louisiana for hurricane Gustaf. He is based out of Hastings as part of A Troop 1-134 Cav.

    Adam was nominated by his wife Ashley. Her nomination follows:

    "Today we have been married for 6 years. He has given me 2 beautiful girls andan amazing life. Our relationship is different than most; we are a militaryfamily. He has to be gone A LOT !

    "Today is another one of those days. He missesout on many things in our lives. He misses out on birthdays, Christmas,weddings, graduations, football parties, friend and family gatherings, huntingand fishing trips, even his nephew's adoption party.

    "It is not easy to be in aMilitary family, There is much sacrifice and hurt and heartache. More than thehurt and the missing out, to me as a wife there is much more Honor and pridethat comes with it. The outside world may not understand when he has to be gonebut I am proud to say that My husband is one of the most dedicated people Iknow; yes to his job, but most of all to his family. I am so proud every day ofthe man I married.

    "The military is a blessing to our family... Yes he missesout on things but that makes the time we have together more meaningful. Wedon't take for granted the times we do have together. Our family is our kind ofperfect.

    "Thank you so much Adam Lee for the life you have given us we are trulyblessed. I love you more than you will ever know. I am so unbelievably proud ofyou every single day."

    Thank you Adam for your service to our country, and thank you to Adam's family for dealing with the difficult role of military family.