Sunday Salute: Christopher Dimmitt


This week we salute Staff Sergeant ChristopherDimmitt, of McCook.

Chris is a first squad leader in the U.S.Army and has served three tours of duty in Iraq.

He enlisted in the army back in 1994after graduating from high school in Hayes Center.

Chris is the proud father of three children,two sons, ages seven and 11, and a 15-year-old daughter.

Chris was nominated by Shannon Schaben.

She tells us that he works for the U.S.Postal Service in McCook. Shannon says he's so devoted to the army that every Americanshould be proud to have him protecting and serving our country.

He has not only had to spend a lot oftime away from his family but has of course put his life on the line to serve.

Chris, thank you for all you do.