Sunday Salute: Cory Weber


This week we salute a dad whose familysays they couldn't be more proud of him.

Staff Sergeant Cory Weber is currentlydeployed in Afghanistan on his second tour of duty. Cory has also served threetours in Iraq and one in Korea.

He was nominated by his mother-in-law,Regena Nowak, of Greeley, Nebraska.

His oldest sons, 10-year-old Caleb and7-year-old Carter, are so proud of their dad that they wrote about him for anessay contest called "What Freedom Means to Me."

They wrote of their dad, "He makessure we are safe and gives us freedoms. He is our hero and we miss him verymuch."

Cory and his wife of 11 years, Sarah,also have a 1-year-old son named Colby.

Sarah says her husband is their heroand they miss him so much every time he deploys, but that because of him, theytruly know the meaning of freedom and that she is so proud to be his wife.

Cory grew up in Ericson, Nebraska,with his parents Cury and Teri Weber And spent four years in the marines from2001 to 2006 before entering the army.

Cory, thank you for your service anddedication to our country.