Sunday Salute: Dale Arrants


This week we honor a veteran whoserved in the Army and Air Force, Dale Arrants.

Dale enlisted in the Army at Fort Crookin Omaha in 1937, working in Food Services. He was placed in the Reserves in1940 and recalled in 1941.

His daughter Nancy remembered himcoming home when her sister was born. She said he brought the measles back withhim and they all got it!

Dale reenlisted after Pearl Harbor andwas sent to Europe, landing in France via Utah Beach. He was wounded in Luxemburg,Germany.

Nancy said she liked to say he workedall the way from Utah Beach to Germany!

Dale chose to continue his career inthe military and joined the Air Force after WWII in hopes of being stationed inKearney.

That base closed and the family endedup moving to Texas where Dale went into recruiting. Nancy said he even tried torecruit her dates!

Her dad retired in 1961 as Tech Sergeantafter earning several honors, including the Purple Heart, several ribbons and aSilver Star.

He later lost his battle with cancerin 1997.

Dale, thank you for your longtimeservice to our country.