Sunday Salute: Frank Tanner and John and Nicole Wagner


This week we honor three generationsof servicemen and women - Frank Tanner and John and Nicole Wagner.

Frank served four years in the U.S. AirForce and also has two sons that followed in his footsteps, serving in threedifferent branches of the military. One began his service in the Marines andretired from the Army. The other served as a member of the Air Force.

John served in the Army from 1988 to1994 as a member of the military police. He now works to serve the State of Nebraskaas a State Trooper.

Nicole is John's daughter. She enteredthe Navy right out of high school in 2012.

The three were nominated by Frank'sdaughter Shelby. She is married to John and Nicole is her daughter.

Shelby said she wants each one of themto know that they are the true meaning of a hero and to thank them for puttingtheir lives on the line so we can live ours.

Frank, John and Nicole, thank you foryour service to our country.