Sunday Salute: Glen Duncan


This week we honor a former Marine fromrural Kearney, Glen Duncan.

His start in the Marines has a uniquestory. Glen was drafted into the Army and said he and the other recruits allstood in a line as a Marine Sergeant walked down and said "I volunteer youand you and you," hand picking Glen.

He was first stationed at Camp Pendletonand traveled to Japan during the Korean War.

He thought he was going to Korea but,in yet another twist to his military career, the armistice was signed while hisplatoon was aboard the ship so they went to Japan instead.

Glen also has four brothers that werein the armed forces

Glen's daughter nominated her dad. Shesaid he has always been proud of the fact that he served his country as a Marineand added that the family appreciates all he did for our country.

Glen, thank you for your service toour country.