Sunday Salute: Jay Peer and Michael Taubenheim


Two brothers are honored in this week's Sunday Salute: Jay Peer and Tech Sergeant Michael Taubenheim.

Michael joined the Air Force in 1997 and is stationed at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, where he lives with his family. He's amechanic, running one of their largest ships. And his service has taken himall around the world

Jay joined the Navy shortly after 9/11. He works inthe Navy Ship Air Department, performing search and rescue missions from a helicopter. He is stationed just outside of Tokyo and has lived there for almost ayear along with his family.

Jay and Michael each have three years left in Japan.

Their mother Donna sent in the nomination. She thanks both of her sons for our freedom and the sacrifice of being away from family.

We here at NTV would like to thank Jay and Michael for their service to our country.