Sunday Salute: Jessie Gilmer


This week we salute a WWII Navyveteran, Jessie Gilmer of Grand Island.

Jessie served as a cook during histime in the Navy.

He recently accompanied a group ofveterans to the WWII Hero Flight to Washington, D.C. The group visited the tombof the Unknown Soldier during their trip.

Jessie said and the other veteranswere greeted warmly and that people were clapping for them and shaking theirhands.

"They didn't know us but here theywere, treating us so good," said Jessie of the people they met on their trip. "Wejust did what our country needed of us."

Jessie was nominated by his friend BillieHerron. Billie said Jessie is a very humble man and was amazed by how manypeople turned up to send them off for their flight. Billie said Jessie workedfor over 20 years at the Holiday Inn in Grand Island, retiring just a few yearsago, and that he is a well-known member of the community.

Jessie, thank you for your service to our country.