Sunday Salute: Memorial Day


In honor of Memorial Day we asked you, our viewers, to post a few words to our NTV Facebook page honoring our veterans, current members of the military and those who have given their lives serving our country.

Here is what you had to say:

Charlotte Burr Myrick: "Mydad, Roy C Burr... Army WW11 veteran, deceased... My husband, Jim Myrick... VietNam, Army and our son (in law) Jeff Krupp, Army infantry, Afganistan, currentlystationed in Germany. I salute and love them all."

Lori McCammon O'Brien: "DaleMcCammon and his brother, Benjamin McCammon, both in the US Navy, World War II"

Nancy McCammon Hansen: "Isecond Lori McCammon O'Brien onthat!"

Kathy J Peterson: "ASalute to my son Kyle who is currently serving and to my daughter Kindra andson in law Dustin who have served. Thank you to ALL of our Military for theirdedicated service to our country. God Bless you all."

Lori Weed Skarka: "HonoringLT Kellen Skarka, Marine Corps. Recently returned from Afghanistan andstationed at Camp Pendleton CA. Thank you Son for continuing our proud familyheritage of defending our great nation."

Jeff Haight: "I'vebeen in the Army since 1986, spoke about how great it was to Linda Tarango-Griess. She joined and was the first Nebraska woman killed in Iraq July 112004. Her leadership is missed."

Carol Simeon: "Toour son, Roger John Silvrants, who stayed a Marine to his last breath bydonating organs and tissue after a fatal accident in civilian life, 1/14/13.You are loved!"

Shelley Presnell-Tournor: "Sonin law, still serving, Joshua Ommert."

Julie Grabill: "HonoringMA Jordan Grabill actively serving in Afghanistan. Thank you for serving ourgreat country! We know you love your job and take great pride in it! May Godwatch over you! Love Dad, Mom, Jenna, Jaydn and Joslyn."

Sheena McPeek: "Myboyfriend's sister Kelly Heike who is in the United States Air Force and iscurrently in Guam. We are all proud of you and miss you."

Brandi Baxter: "A brother-in-law Eric Baxter is also a Marine veteran."

Katheryn Noziska: "Welove and miss u 1st LT mark Noziska never let em see u sweat loving brotheruncle and godfather and thank u to all millitary personnel past and present."

Mona Fassler: "Brandon Smith.My son: My dad Milton Smith Sr , my two brothers Milton Smith Jr and Jeffrey Smith allArmy Veterans. So proud of them and all our Military!"

Kimberly Kay Wear: "AlexanderWear and Trevor Barnes. Thank you."

Kodi Bucy: "Myhusband' s uncles Walter Spieker serving in the US Marines, Myron Bucy servingUs Airforce Retired, Darrell Bucy serving Us Airforce and Air National Guard.... Thank-you for your service!"

Kodi Bucy: "Inmemory of my husband' s grandfather Oscar Bucy serving in WWII US Navy."

Kodi Bucy: "Inmemory of my grandfather Wilber Dempcy serving in WWII US Navy, and in memoryof my Uncle Roger Dempcy serving in Vietnam Us Army."

Anteshia Royle: "LieutenantColonel Ross Finley from Kearney."

Mary Lynne Poole Ellis: "Mydaddy David Poole served in the US Navy and now son in law Justin B Daughertycurrently serving in US NAVY and soon to move to San Diego where Dave wasstationed. Love and hugs to both."

Jason Duryea: "Thankyou to flynn and robin duryea baker for serving."

Irene Mercer: "MyDad, Lee Nielsen WWII,Eugene Nielsen killed by a kamikaze WWII,Barney NielsenWWII."

Julie Rothfuss: "Mywonderful dad, Bud Owens WW2 vet from Arcadia, NE; my husband, Kent Rothfuss,20 years in Air Force, my son Justin Gydesen, 2 tours in Kuwaitt and stillactive in the National guard, my son Kyle Gydesen, one tour in Kuwait and stillserving in the Army reserves, and my two nephews Dusty & Waylon Owens. I amso proud of all you and thank you for your willingness to serve and protect."

Nicole Clements: "Mylate great-grandfather, David Shively, fought in WWII and was a POW. My fiance,Seth Zeller, is a Navy veteran. God Bless our military!"

Debbie Jacobsen: "Myson Randy Jacobsen, active military been in both Iraq and Afghanistan. My son,Gary Jacobsen, active military has been in Afghanistan. My brother in law,Wayne Bates, veteran of the initial Operation Desert Storm. My dad, WilliamDavis was in WWII."

Joyce Voigt: "LloydEven Voigt. Korean War. 1931 - 2012. And his brothers and brothers-in law."

Janet Callahan: "Shoutout to my son Justin Geiser proudly serves in the US Navy was on thelast deployment aboard USS Enterprise aircraft carrier ship is now beingdecommissioned after 50 years of service proud of you and miss you. MySon....My Sailor ..... My Hero !!!!!!!!"

Abuela Joleen: "Iwould also like to add 'ALL OF THE VETERANS' at the Nebraska Veterans' Home."

Timothy Lowe: "SamFries currently in Afghanistan!"

Abuela Joleen: "LynnJay Weiser ... My Step Brother."

Abuela Joleen: "DavidDeLeon ... My Nephew."

Abuela Joleen: "GeorgeKamper ... My Dad."

Amber Marie Salmon: "Tomy gpa danny salmon. Thank you for serving our country. We enjoy havin you inthe family. Served in germany. 1961-1964."

Troy Noziska: "1LTMark Noziska 10/15/1985 - 08/30/2010"

Lisa Hernandez Cohen: "HaroldMarvin Wagner US Army 1942-1946 fought in WWII."

Brandi Baxter: "Myhusband Jesse Baxter is Army Veteran an my brother-in-law Derrick Sova is aMarine veteran my father-in-law John Baxter, Sr. Is also a Army veteran so theUS military has seen a lot to many to lisr them all that have served an we rproud of everyone of them who has given the ultimate sac."

Tiffany Kimbrough: "Mywonderful Brother Aaron Dougherty of Oklahoma City that just served a tour inAfghanistan, Trevor Dougherty for serving in Cuba and now the disaster inOklahoma were so proud of you guys, thanks for all you do. love yoursis Tiffany, Ron and little nephew Izaik pronounced Issac."

Thank you to all of our past and present members of the military.