Sunday Salute: Paul "Roby" Robison


This week we salute Paul "Roby" Robison for his service to our country in WWII, overseas in Germany.

Roby was nominated by his friend Greg. Greg said Roby served with his late father, Al, as crew-mates on a B-17. Greg says Roby and his father shared everything and were like brothers.

Roby and Al were shot down over Germany and taken prisoner on January 11th of 1944.

They spent 16 months together in Stalag 17-B at Krems, Austria until their crew was liberated by American forces.

A reunion for these prisoners of war was held in St. Louis from April 30th through May 4th coinciding with the anniversary of their liberation.

Roby lives in Broken Bow and will be 91 in September. His health didn't allow him to make the trip by car and he has not flown since his liberation. Greg wanted to be able to honor his service and bravery.

Roby, and your entire crew, thank you for your service to our country.

*Correction: Name reported as "Robinson" on air, "Robison" is the correct spelling.