Sunday Salute: PFC John G. Frankenberg


PrivateFirst Class John G. Frankenberg was born in 1995 in Fridley, Minnesota. He andhis family made Nebraska their home in 1998.

Hegraduated from Grand Island Senior High in 2013 as an Honor student and waspart of the Grand Island Wresting Team. He worked as a boot repair specialist atWillis Shoe and Boot during his free time while attending high school.

Johndecided on joining the Marine Corp because he felt it was the most challengingand rewarding choice for his military career. He wanted to prepare early andsigned in the delayed entry program for the Marines while still a Junior inHigh School. He made a point to attend several Marine Corp competitions andevents and even took advanced Cisco networking classes during High School togive him a step up as a Military Data Network Specialist.

Hegraduated Marine Corp Basic Training 3rd Battalion Lima Company Platoon 3245 inSan Diego, California on November 1st. He will be returning to CampPendleton on November 12th for School Of Infantry before he starts MilitaryOccupational Specialty School.

Johnis an active deer, turkey, and goose hunter, and enjoys riding his motorcycle. Hisproud parents Tara and John say he has been looking forward to lunch at hisfavorite place, Jim's Gyros, and listening to music when he gets back.