Sunday Salute: Raymond Stehno


This week we honor a WWII veteran from Stratton, Neb.,Raymond Stehno.

Ray served in the Air Force from August of 1943 to Octoberof 1946. During the war he spent time in the South Pacific on Tinian Island,Iwo Jima and in the Philippines.

He was a Radar navigator on a B29 Super Fortress and in 1950began his five years of service as a 1st Lt. in the Air ForceReserve.

Ray returned to farming after his time in the military andserves as District Director with the Agricultural Stabilization Service. Heretired in 1989.

Ray is now 89-years-old and has five children living inHoldrege, Stratton and North Platte, Neb. And Perry and McDonald, Kans. He has11 grand children and 22 great-grandchildren that are all very proud of theirgrandpa.

Ray's daughter Karen said "from your children, we say thanksdad. We are all very proud of you and we love you."

Raymond, thank you for your service to our country.