Sunday Salute: Spike Wooldridge


For this week's Sunday Salute, we are honoring World War II veteran Spike Wooldridge.

Spike grew up in Oklahoma but now lives in Cozad.

He has an amazing story of his journey to and from war.

The day he left for service he rode a bus from his hometown to the train depot with a classmate, J.D. Barker and they went their separate ways -- one to Europe and one to the Pacific.

They both served their time and as Spike waited at the bus depot for the final leg home, there was his friend again waiting to catch the same bus.

Spike raised four children and inherited four more when he married his second wife Lois in 1975.

He has 24 grandchildren and is a great-grandfather to 10.

He was a United States rural mail carrier until retirement. He will celebrate his 91st birthday in September.

Spike's step-daughter Janna Kuklis nominated him for this week's Sunday Salute.

Joe, we thank you for your service to our country.