Sunday Salute: Wyman Nemecek


This week we honor a WWII veteran whojust celebrated his 90th birthday on Friday December 6th, Wyman Nemecek.

Wyman's granddaughter Redonna sent inthe nomination. She said her grandpa served as a gunner in the air force andwent on 42 bombing missions – twice the normal number according to her account.

On one of those missions his plane wasnearly shot down over the water.

Redonna said the pilots werediscussing who would jump first and who would have to push her grandpa out. Hecouldn't swim and would have gone down with the plane. Luckily they were allable to make it back to base on the plane.

Wyman also recounted a mission where20 planes went out and he was on one of the four to make it back.

Wyman is from Grand Island and nowcalls Chadron home. He lost his wife of nearly 66 years in March; together theyhad six children.

Now he has 14 grandkids and 24 greatgrandchildren to keep him busy. Redonna said her sister describes theirgrandfather the best. She said "He is anamazing man who would do anything for his family and friends, his love is neverending, can always put a smile on your face, and is still as ornery as ever."

Wyman, thank you for your service toour country and happy birthday.