Adjust sleep schedules and diets for a new school year

For most Nebraska schoolkids, it's back to class.

Back to the reading, writing, and arithmetic, but are the students rested, well fed, and rarin' to go?

Talk to any expert and they'll stress that a bedtime routine is the key as students prepare themselves for school.

Take away the electronics, dim the lights, and catch the zzz's.

Dr. Brittani Moeller has been at her new position as Kearney Family Physician for two weeks, and she said what the kids eat is important.

She said the more color on the plate, the better.

"Mentally, it can be stressful for young students - going to a new school or even a new teacher - more challenges - it can be an anxious time," Moeller said.

She said to do your best to get your child acclimated.

Students who want to participate in athletics must have a school physical, but for young kids not in sports, it still would be a good time to get an exam from your family physician.

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