CHI Health Good Samaritan earns award for stroke care

CHI Health Good Samaritan earns award for stroke care. (NTV News)

A big pat on the back is warranted for Kearney's CHI Health Good Samaritan hospital - they're being recognized for standout stroke care.

They've won the American Heart Association's Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award for back-to-back years .

That's important for Nebraskans, as stroke care is a matter of life and death.

Good Samaritan's Pamela Palmer said they use a high-definition camera to help save stroke victim's lives.

The device, named Sheldon, is ready to jump into action if needed - in 3 minutes it could be bedside and neurologists out of state could check the vitals of a stroke patient.

It's that speed that's earned Good Sam primary stroke status by the Department of Health and Human Services, and another award by the American Heart Association.

"With every passing minute more neurons can die," Palmer said. "That's why fast means so much - warning signs from the face, arm drooping, changing speech, and of course, time."

Palmer said they've had stroke victims in the door, and receiving a life saving treatment within 7 minutes.

3,700 Nebraskans had a stroke in 2015 and it's the 5th-leading cause of death in Nebraska.

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