Health professionals focus on recruitment, treatment for mental health

Health professionals focus on recruitment, treatment for mental health

43 million Americans suffer from some sort of mental health issue, and one in five Nebraskans are affected.

Over the last few weeks, NTV News met a couple who is reaching out and sharing their story about dealing with depression.

Last week covered a youth leader who opened his office doors, helping kids who need it.

The medical piece - it's a mental health quandry.

The pills are out there: lexapro, xanax, celexa, zoloft, paxil.

Millions of Americans are using them to cope.

Dr. Hugo Gonzalaez is a psychiatrist in Kearney, he'll prescribe medications, but he favors what he calls a conservative approach.

Dr. Chasek works away at the University of Nebraska at Kearney trying to recruit more people like Dr. Gonzalez to the profession.

Chasek is part of a program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center that recruits and trains students to get into behavioral health fields.

Nebraska is woefully short in mental health providers - 88 counties need help.

Half of patients end up going to a family practice doctor.

Chasek would like to imbed mental health care in a medical enviroment.

Doctors could diagnose and refer to a counselor or psychiatrist down the hall.

She said most doctors would support it.

Numbers of patients are going up, a lack of providers is creating an uphill battle, but there are positives out there.

Like when an elderly woman who wouldn't step into a psychiatrists office finally does, and is able to get better.

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