Kids Corner: Head Injuries

When many parents think of child head injuries things like bruises cuts and blood come to mind.

But in some cases the injuries can be much more damaging.

"The brain is very soft and the skull is quite firm, and so anytime there's a sudden impact the brain is going to move within the skull," said physical therapies, Stacie Christensen.

Parents of young children often deal with minor boo boo's but head traumas like concussions can be serious.

"You can have bruises on both sides of the brain or you can have shearing of the vessels," said Christensen.

Experts say while these more serious injuries normally happen in car accidents and high falls concussions can happen anywhere even in your home.

Christensen said, "kids are trying to climb on things and they are notorious for that and so they will fall off of things or things will fall on them."

And if your child does experience an injury the signs can vary.

"We'll usually see nausea fatigue, often they'll complain of a headache," she said.

But as most parents know, younger children can't always communicate those symptoms well. That's when extra monitoring can come into play.

"Typically on those really young kids you'll see the irritability and fatigue, they'll cry a lot more, they'll be sleepier or you can't get them to fall asleep on occasion," said Stacie.

She says the number one thing is childproofing, "put gates at the tops and bottoms of the stairs, bolt down furniture securely and wear helmets when riding a bike and things that gather speed. And make sure we’re talking to our kids from a young age about the dangers of falling and what can happen."

And if your child does experience an accident or fall, experts say to take them in as it's better to be safe than sorry.

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