Kids Corner: Picky Eaters

Kids Corner: What causes a picky eater? (NTV News)

Kids are often known for being finicky eaters, but many parents aren't sure how to address the issue.

Picky, fussy, stubborn, whatever you want to call them; many children especially toddlers' taste in food chance sometimes from day to day.

But nutritionist Carol Schwarz said that it's totally normal, "it's kind of as they get older it's showing some independence that they can control what they put in their mouth. They can say no I don't want that. And we may think of it as fussy or that kind of thing but it's just part of growing up."

For some it may be wanting only a certain food; others may refuse a type of food group all together, either way Carol said persistence is key, "you just need to keep offering it to them. Not worrying so much if it's a fruit or a vegetable, or a grain. But just keep offering it. Sometimes it may take maybe take 10-15 times of offering it before they say I will go ahead and try it."

So when it comes to growth and nutrition, many parents can start to worry if their child is getting enough or the right foods.

Carol says there's if you’re taking them to the doctor regularly and everything seems OK, you’ve likely nothing to worry about.

"You take your child to the doctor and they weigh them and check their height. And so they’ll know if they are growing or not, and they likely are fine,” she said.

She also said that one of the most important thing things to remember is to keep offering the different foods, but not being forceful or pushy about it.

"It's where we start going over that boundary and parents say you have to clean your plate. Let the child do some of that decision making. We determine what we put in our body and it's good to let the child make some of those decisions too.”

Schwarz said another tip is to plan more quiet activities for your child before meal time, that way they are more settled down and ready to focus on eating.

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