Urolift gives patients with prostate issues another option

Urolift gives patients with prostate issues another option.

Some man are waking up between 3 and 5 times a night to go to the bathroom, but are never really emptying the bladder.

It's often not a fun thing to discuss with a doctor, and probably not enjoyable to deal with.

But a new treatment option is helping patients.

Leo Garniss was heading to the restroom a lot; the 76-year-old Ansley man had an enlarged prostate.

Over 70 percent of men his age deal with it - a common malady treated commonly by side effect-inducing drugs.

The prostate presses on the urethra, causing a blockage.

Enter the Urolift system - minimally invasive - where the prostate tissue is pulled back.

It relieves the obstruction, so the bladder can empty out, according to Dr. Garrett Pohlman, of Kearney Urology.

β€œIt's done at right in the office, no side effects and the doc says it offers quick relief,” Leo Garniss, who had the prodecure, said.

A quick note, the implants are meant to be permanent..that's a common question.

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