Vital Signs: Kindergarten Days

Vaccine (Cody Long)

A hospital can be a pretty scary place for kid, but CHI Good Samaritan in Kearney is doing their part to take the trepidation out of the picture.

It's called Kindergarten Days.

Kort was on the table pretending to be examined. The hospital brings in a couple of hundred area kids from 11 different schools to learn about what a hospital visit is all about.

"It allows them to see the beds and things they might need to use and they might get shots and some people where they can’t see their face. And, they get to see our wonderful ambulance," said Hiliary O’Neill, pediatric nursing supervisor.

The Pleasanton kindergartners visiting stepped right up to the emergency vehicle and weren’t afraid to ask questions, asking about barf bags.

This is the day for questions.

For 40 years Good Samaritan has welcomed in kids to break down barriers.

"The kids love it and we have all kinds of questions," said O’Neill.

Buffalo County schools rolled in. School nurses played a big role with demonstrations.

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