ICE numbers up, state inmate count down at Hall County Jail

A corrections officer stands behind bars at the Hall County Jail (NTV News)

In light of state budget cuts, Hall County says any money coming into the jail is a gift.

The county has a contract to hold state inmates and they'd like to continue that relationship.

County leaders are working on a new agreement.

They've seen state prisoner counts dropping off at their jail, so anything they get, they consider a bonus.

Corrections Director Todd Bahensky said, “Yeah I think we have to look at it that way, because we just don't know. There are so many decisions and politics behind it that are going to govern going forward. We're going to have to learn to not count on that revenue being there.”

And while state numbers in the Hall County Jail are down, they are holding more prisoners for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and believe those numbers will remain high.

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