Senator Deb Fischer announces re-election bid for 2018

Fischer traveled to Omaha, Grand Island, Scottsbluff, Kearney and Lincoln to announce her decision. (NTV News)

Senator Deb Fischer traveled the state on Saturday afternoon, telling Nebraskans she will be on the ballot again for the United States Senate representing Nebraska.

Fischer traveled to Omaha, Grand Island, Scottsbluff, Kearney and Lincoln to announce her decision.

In Kearney, Senator Fischer told supporters it was almost 6 years ago when she stood on the driveway of her childhood home announcing her run for the Senate in 2012.

Sen. Fischer said the U.S. Senate race in 2012 was tough. In the general election, she beat former Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey.

Saturday, Fischer promised that her campaign strategy will remain the same; she also asked Nebraskans to give ideas on how to better our state. Senator Fischer told NTV what her top priorities will be.

"To be able to help small businesses to grow and expand and create more jobs. Those are my priorities that economic security for families and communities and of course our national security," she said.

Governor Pete Ricketts has given full support for the senator, saying that she has a record of service here in Nebraska and Washington, D.C.

"We work together regularly on issues that are important to agriculture such as getting the beef trade with Israel open, stopping the terrible regulations of Waters of the U.S. and of course she is known for her hallmark positions on transportation, really having helped develop transportation infrastructure in our state,” Ricketts said.

Fischer’s friends and supporters cheered her on every step of the way.

"Have her continue to represent us. She has our interest at heart,” Deb Fischer supporter Janice Wiebusch said.

State Democratic party chair Jane Kleeb gave her opinion on Fischer and said her party will announce a candidate this fall.

"As Senator Fischer travels across Nebraska, we hope she goes beyond standing with elected officials and instead visits with hospital workers and families terrified of the real world impacts of Trumps healthcare bill," Kleeb said.

The senator also expressed her opinion about the health care bill in Congress. At this time she didn’t give an answer, she said the senate will start debating about it on Monday.

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