Several senators not happy with 2017 legislative session

Senators voiced their opinions about how it all went down. (NTV News)

Lawmakers wrapped up the 2017 session on Tuesday.

Senators voiced their opinions about how it all went down.

It ended with Governor Pete Ricketts congratulating all the senators for working together, saying the year went well. But for several senators, that wasn't the case.

While Ricketts praised senators for their accomplishments, District 11 Senator Ernie Chambers disagreed with his opinion. Chambers said this has been the worst session of his career.

"It's appropriate to say that because the session was in virtual shambles,” said Chambers.

District 34 Senator Curt Friesen said out of the three years he has been a senator, this has been the toughest.

"I mean we thought we were going to get a few things done and we ran into a lot of road blocks as usual,” said Friesen.

The governor praised this session by discussing a list of the bills they passed including the “Choose Life” license plates.

Ricketts said the biggest accomplishment was the budget being passed.

With it being passed, he said not every state can say when they put a budget together, that they don’t have to raise taxes.

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