Buffalo County cleaning up after severe storms

Buffalo County cleaning up after severe storms. (NTV News)

Many people were left without power and with a lot to clean up after overnight storms ripped through Buffalo County.

In Ravenna, winds knocked down trees, even blocking several streets throughout Sunday morning.

The city of Ravenna's mayor Peg Dethlefs said she's glad things didn't turn out much worse.

Darrin Lewis, the Buffalo County emergency manager, said most people in Ravenna were out of power all morning but Nebraska Public Power District was working to restore all homes.

Things weren't as bad in Kearney, with one exception. A Kearney couple was displaced after a tree fell on their roof, landing right where they were sleeping.

Daniel Galindo said it happened about 4:20 a.m. on Sunday at Countryside Mobile Park.

Galindo said he initially thought the trailer was moving because of the heavy winds.

"But then it shaked [sic] again and the whole trailer just shaked [sic] so we got up and started running - I told her to keep going," Galindo said. "We were going through the kitchen and the ceiling just came down, pouring water and everything, that's when we saw the tree branch went through the roof."

Nobody was injured during the incident.

Minor damage was also reported in Pleasanton when a tree limb landed on a power line.

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