Competing bills tackle constitutional amendment on voter I.D.

Nebraska lawmakers are making arguments on both sides of the voter I.D. debate.

Two state senators introduced bills that could decide where the state stands on the issue.

Senator John Murante wants a constitutional amendment requiring identification at the ballot box. The language in the bill says it's to prevent voter fraud.

But, Senator Adam Morfeld said there's major concerns with the bill.

"That's why I introduced my counter amendment was so we could have the other conversation about how voter id just proportionately disenfranchises youth, low income, highly mobile demographics and other folks," said Morfeld.

He said studies show voter fraud isn't a problem. His amendment would prohibit voter I.D. laws.

Senator Murante said voter identification will ensure more accuracy in the voting booth.

"The people of Nebraska will have more confidence in our voter system. They will have more confidence in our elections, they'll have more confidence that their votes will be counted, and they will have more confidence that illegal votes are not being cast," he said.

Murante said his top priority is to make sure all legal voters are able to vote.

His proposal has a hearing Thursday.

Morfeld's will be heard on March 16.

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