Construction for Jefferson Elementary to begin in August

Jefferson Elementary being demolished. (NTV Archives)

Grand Island Public Schools now has seven projects underway.

At Wednesday’s school board meeting, the GIPS Board decided on a construction company to build Jefferson Elementary School.

Earlier this year, the school board had already approved a $12.3 million bid for the school's construction fund, but Wednesday’s meeting was about which construction company they would go with.

The board looked over 5 different companies before they chose Chief Construction as it's primary builder.

This is the last of seven big projects for GIPS including Starr Elementary, Stolley Park Elementary, and Barr Elementary.

The $12.3 million doesn't include the demolition, furniture, or anything on the inside of the school.

Dan Petsch, Director of Building and Grounds said the price is exactly in the ballpark they need to be in.

"The 12.3 million [dollars] includes a brand new facility with everything except furniture. We will provide the furniture, new, through depreciation dollars. The bond will take care of bricks and mortar. Bricks and mortar is what we needed the bond for. Furnishing is what we take through to the depreciation dollars," Petsch said.

The new Jefferson Elementary will be at the same location, where they've already purchased nearby existing properties in order to expand its campus.

They also approved alternate construction companies. Construction for Jefferson is set to begin this August. The school is set to be complete by summer of 2019.

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