Country schools focus at 'One Room Heroes' conference

Country schools focus at 'One Room Heroes' conference. (NTV News)

A two-day conference focuses on the history of how kids were taught long before public and private schools were even around.

Several teachers and those interested in country schools, toured The Archway on Friday afternoon as part of the Nebraska Country School conference called 'One Room Heroes.'

Organizers of the Nebraska Country School Association said their focus is to preserve the history and structures, and reā€“live a few memories along the way.

"This is an encouraging conference," said Naper educator Ann Anderson. "It makes everybody happy about the time they stayed in a country school."

"It has an appeal on a cellular level to people like that that have such fond memories of it that it starts bring out all these wonderful memories and all this affirmation flows out of people," said Nebraska Country School Association President Beth Stukenholtz.

The conference continues with another tour on Saturday including Kearney and Minden.

More information on the 'One Room Heroes' project can be found at

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