Cruise Nite participants share a love of cars

Cruise Nite participants share a love of cars. (NTV News)

Some people call Cruise Nite a car museum on wheels, and on Saturday NTV got a look a some very interesting rides and spoke with participants about their love of cars.

"We've been coming down here for probably 10 years. My husband brought his car and then I just got mine here a couple years ago," Susie Bielenberg, of Kearney, said. "Mine's the red mustang over here but it's a lot of fun!"

Lue Etherton of York has a "32 hot rod. I just liked the car so I bought it."

"My dad owns a '67 Ford Cobra. It's an original and this one is a '65 and I'm trying to find out if it's original or not," said Cameron Walters of Broken Bow.

"It's a part of history, part of our history as a country out there," said Rex Kreutzer of Sutton. "There's a true cross section of vehicles from the 30s up into basically current years out here."

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