Gov. Ricketts disputes Open Sky's criticism of tax receipts

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Governor Pete Ricketts said he wanted to set the record straight on the state budget and tax receipts on Thursday.

Wednesday, Open Sky sent a spreadsheet to media and senators saying the new forecast is not as bad as some are claiming because the legislature has already accounted for the shortfall. In Thursday's meeting the governor refuted that claim.

“The state’s tax receipts were $55 million short in April. The information circulated by Open Sky yesterday is incorrect and irresponsible" said the Governor, outlining the numbers on his a white board.

According to the governor, Nebraska has missed their budget forecast 14 of last 22 months, and most revenues must grow over 5% or $32 million to meet their goals.

OpenSky Policy Institute Executive Director Renee Fry said in a statement "Following this governor's comments this morning, we have no disagreement about the numbers that were presented by him and Budget Director Oligmueller. We do take issue with the claim that OpenSky put out false information. We stand by the information we put out yesterday. The comparison of April’s receipts to February’s forecast created confusion as the Legislature’s budget factored in the April forecast, not the February forecast.”

Ricketts also said the government needs to be prudent in how they constrain spending, and that he will come back with an overall budget picture in next couple days.

If you want to see the governor's full press conference, click here.

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