Gov. Ricketts honors Hastings school for success

Gov. Pete Ricketts gives high fives to students at Lincoln Elementary in Hastings as he celebrates improved test scores (NTV News)

Governor Ricketts honors a school that has achieved big things, despite big needs.

Kids at Lincoln Elementary in Hastings high fived the governor, as he walked the red carpet on Thursday.

And while they were excited to see him, he was there to honor them.

Reading and math scores are way up, despite a high number of kids who live in poverty or are English language learners.

Ricketts said, “This is a really big deal, a really big accomplishment for what has happened here at Lincoln Elementary so I wanted to come say thank you personally to teachers because they've done such a great job and so important we establish those basic skills like math and reading for kids at a young age.”

The governor said students increased their NeSA scores in reading proficiency rate by 34 points, from 55 to 89 percent, and their math proficiency rate by 23 percent, from 50 to 73 percent.

The governor also fielded questions from kids. They learned Lord of the Rings is both his favorite book and movie series, and his favorite video game is Skyrim.

Plus he enjoys taking his family out for pizza.

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