Gov. Ricketts talks economy at Grand Island Chamber of Commerce Dinner

Gov. Ricketts speaks at Grand Island Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner (NTV News)

On Thursday, Grand Island had its Annual Chamber of Commerce Dinner, which they awarded the top Grand Island businesses.

A few local celebrities attended– including NTV’s Seth Denney and Kent Boughton. One of the special guests of the night was Governor Pete Ricketts.

The Governor expressed how he felt about the future of Nebraska’s economy. Ricketts said he feels like Nebraska is on the right path to continue to excel in business and believes the state will continue to be successful. The Governor attributes much of the state's success to the individual cities, including Grand Island.

"The reason we're doing well is because of great cities like Grand Island who are preparing the grand work. Companies don't move to a generic place called ‘Nebraska.’ They move to specific communities and when you have specific communities,” Ricketts said. “And when you have communities like Grand Island that’re ready to accept them, that’s how you get great companies like Hendrix Genetics, for example. So that’s what we really need to do is build the partnerships between the state and our local economic-developing communities.”

He added that Nebraska was recently awarded the Governor’s Cup for most economic development expansions and business moves per capita.

Ricketts said events like the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce dinner make him that much more excited about the future of the state as a whole.

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