Governor highlights Broken Bow for growth through livestock

Leaders from Broken Bow speak at the Governor's Ag Conference (NTV News)

Growing Nebraska through livestock - Governor Pete Ricketts says that’s key to our state’s success.

And that’s evident in Broken Bow, a community that’s a national leader in both crops and livestock.

“Agriculture is #1, definitely,” banker Stuart Fox said.

Custer County ranks in the top 50 in all the country for income from crops and livestock.

Donnis Hueftle-Bullock of the Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce said, “We have Adams Land and Cattle and Thomas Livestock, beef and hogs, and acres and acres of row crops.”

Governor Pete Ricketts says value added agriculture is key to growing Nebraska. Take those crops, feed them to livestock, and bring dollars back to communities like Broken Bow.

“They work together to create economic development,” Ricketts said of the community.

And Stuart Fox, president of Nebraska State Bank in Broken Bow credits the Governor and his team for farm-friendly policies that encourage expansion of animal agriculture.

He said, “They understand that, they understand the challenges in agriculture right now, and property taxes is one of the biggest things they’re looking at.”

The governor encourages more counties to adopt livestock friendly policies. Several have been designated “Livestock Friendly” since the start of his administration.

Custer County has several feedlots and hog barns, and leaders say it’s a good fit.

Hueftle-Bullock said, “And to be honest, there’s not many days we smell our livestock. We’re very fortunate in that. Everybody knows it turns the wheels in our economy.”

Fox said it’s also wind and solar, along with that strong agricultural base that allows Broken Bow to keep growing.

Leaders from Custer County spoke on a panel discussion about their community’s experiences on the first day of the Governor’s Ag Conference.

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