Hasting Fire Department gets new ambulance due to increased call volume

Hasting Fire Department gets new ambulance due to increased call volume (NTV News)

Medical calls have tripled in the last five years for the city of Hastings. That is why the Hastings Fire Department said it was time to order an additional ambulance.

"Even just last week, we had five calls in about 20 to 25 minutes," said EMS responder Derek Adkins.

In a job that's a race against the clock, how quick your response time is can come down to the second.

The station already has four ambulances, but with the kind of call volume they're receiving, Fire Chief Kent Gilbert said it's not enough.

"We started the EMS side of this about five years ago," Gilbert said. "Our calls have tripled so we're seeing an increase in demand. At that time, we purchased some new ambulances. The new ambulance will take some of the strain off of those, plus it will help us meet those increasing numbers."

The reason for that increase, according to Gilbert, "It is the baby boom population that's coming of age. It's just a matter of fact that as we age, we use ambulances more," he said.

Adkins said they still get all of their daily routine in, but the additional calls make for more of an adjustment period.

"I think the most exciting thing for us is definitely just having that fifth ambulance. It will help us be able to spread out our resources a little better," Adkins said.

The fire chief said this year alone they've added three firefighters, and if the call volume continues to increase, they could be looking at hiring more.

They’ll also be revealing another vehicle in the next couple of weeks that will be used if they need to carry multiple people as well as another place for firefighters to cool off during large summer-time fires.

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