Hasting Public Library to expand and re-open this fall

Hastings Public Library, new facility to open Fall 2017 (NTV News).

The Hastings Public Library has been sharing a space with the Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History in town for 16 months now.

Their building is under construction, but their new facility that's opening in the fall won't be your average library.

"We moved in around March of 2016 and we've been here ever since," Morgan Karel, the Library’s Public Relations Coordinator said.

Although the Hastings Public Library has had to share a space with the Hastings Museum, they say it's been business as usual, but they can't deny that they're thrilled to move into their new and improved space.

"We're very excited. We're thankful for the bigger space, but we're also thankful to the museum for letting us come here and be a partner with us Iike this," Karel said.

They’ll be moving back into their old building, located on 4th Street. This time, it'll be new and improved. They’re going from almost 20,000 square feet to roughly 28,000 square feet.

For all the tech–heads, the new 'maker's space' will include two 3–D printers, a 360 degree camera, new sound equipment, and even a laser cutter is on its way.

They have much more, too.

"We bought a sewing machine with an embroidery attachment, so you can use the touch screen to spell your name, drag and drop it, and it's going to embroider your name or any number of cool things," Jake Rundle, Technology Librarian, said.

He said people sometimes see libraries as old fashioned, but this new facility will be more inclusive to the technology of this day and age.

"We still do books because that is the bread and butter, and people love books– I love books, but there are those people who want to use technology and we want to tap into that market and we're here for that, too," Rundle said.

Cheryl Wenske, grandmother of four, said she brings her grandkids to the library once a week.

"Either here or the museum and we hit both at the same time," Wenske said.

She said she's enjoyed it being in the museum.

"It's awesome. You don't have to drive anywhere, you don't have to load up and put on the seatbelts (again). We just go in spend the entire time we want to spend and spend between the two places and enjoy our time," Wenske said.

Wenske’s grandkids kids don't seem to mind it either. Her grandson said he’d never seen anything like it before.

The new library will even have a green screen for the aspiring weathermen and women to practice on. They don’t have an exact date to move back to their original location, but it will be done sometime this fall.

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